Breathing Life Into Vision

We are a Mysuru based technology lab that engineers world class distributed information systems
on the web in an agile and lean fashion. We are currently building BabaG

Nimma smart friend!

What we bring on to the table!

FrontEnd Agility

Our RESTful modelling allows all incubated products to have multiple front ends. Responsive Layouts ensure that our web pages remain app first.

Test Driven

Our focuss on TDD, continous integration, automated behavioural tests and developer testing ensure that all efforts stay focused and stack up without regression.

World Class DevOps

Prod like development containers. Continous Integration and auto deployed staging environments. 12-factor friendly scalable, secure & reliable cloud environments.

Presentation Centered

Choose help on visual assets, imagery & videography along with context specific content and copy from a wide spectrum of external collaborators.

Complete Control

Organize and Manage Production Data; Realtime system analyses. Expert SEO and SEM. A/B & Experiment based decision making.

Agile Teams

Pair programming. Pace and goal based staffing. Transparency in work.

We are a cross functional all-star team of passionate Engineers,
Analysts and Content Developers working iteratively towards
creating disproportionate value for the Indian eco-system by eking
out a new age personalized and localized discovery platform.

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For any queries please leave us a message here.